Frequently Asked Questions

What is AOPD?

Established in 1978, AOPD is the world’s largest network distributor of office products. AOPD has grown to include over 181 Store Locator locations throughout the United States and Canada, with affiliates in Australia. AOPD’s only business is the development and implementation of regional and national office products distribution programs.

AOPD customers enjoy all the benefits of a corporate purchasing program, including:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Extensive Product Selection
  • Accurate Invoicing and Reporting

AOPD customers also get the advantages of working with a local committed distributor including unparalleled levels of customer service, order fulfillment and problem resolution. Every AOPD locally owned and operated dealer takes an active role in their business communities. When you purchase your office products from an AOPD dealer, you know that your dollars will stay local and help finance the infrastructure of your community!

Who governs/owns AOPD?

AOPD was established in 1978 as a not-for-profit corporation and is completely owned by the membership. AOPD is governed by a corporate executive director and a board of directors. The seven board members are elected by the general membership at the AOPD Annual Meeting to serve a three-year term.

Is AOPD a buying group?

No, AOPD is not a buying group. AOPD’s only business is the development and implementation of regional and national office products distribution programs.

Is AOPD a wholesaler?

No, AOPD is a sales and marketing organization only and does not actually sell products to resellers. All our members utilize wholesalers such as Essendant and S.P. Richards to purchase products.

What are the main benefits of becoming an AOPD Dealer?

AOPD gives the independent dealer the power to compete for regional and national contract customers and participate in corporate bids. By joining AOPD, you will be able to differentiate yourself from local competitors and enhance your overall market image. AOPD is an important mechanism that protects your current business, while offering a huge potential to increase future volume.

Can any office products distributors apply for membership?

AOPD is a network of independently owned office product dealers, and as such does not accept applications from large corporations. Any established, independently owned, full-line office product dealer may apply for membership. Please contact AOPD headquarters to see if your company would be a good fit for the AOPD network.

Does AOPD provide sales and/or marketing assistance for its members?

In addition to the AOPD full-line catalog, AOPD offers a variety of marketing materials that includes brochures, promotional flyers, sell sheets, business partner sales and marketing collateral, custom maps and a lot more. Most of the marketing materials are available to be downloaded from the AOPD Toolbox, a members-only site.

What is the AOPD Business Partner Program?

AOPD has developed and maintained close working arrangements with many well-established manufacturers in the office products industry. These business partners take an active role in helping AOPD members evaluate customer usage, suggest new or substitute products, make joint sales calls and bring increased value to national agreements for both the dealer and end-user.

How do I place an order?

AOPD is a sales and marketing support organization that does not sell products directly, as this is the function of our dealers. All our dealers have complete online ordering capabilities on their own websites. To find your local dealer, please use the dealer locator map.