Power of Independence

Power of Independence

When you choose AOPD, you experience all the benefits that only a seamless network of committed independent dealers can provide.

Local Service, Nationwide Reach

When you work with AOPD’s dealer network for office and facility supplies, you enjoy the benefits of working with committed locally owned businesses. But you still retain the buying power, competitive pricing and next-day delivery of a distributor with national reach.


AOPD’s network of locally owned businesses are some of the most progressive, proficient and reliable independent dealers in the country. They are service-focused, accountable and committed to you, the customer — not to shareholders.


We collaborate with you to meet your needs and fit your system. We don’t force you to work our way like the big-box stores and online retailers do. For us, tailored service is not an exception or an amenity. It’s the foundation of a productive business relationship. We are willing and able to tailor solutions that fit your unique needs.


AOPD gives you the ability to keep your business, relationships and money in your community — without compromising on pricing, delivery and results. With a proven track record and more than 192 Store Locator locations across the U.S. and Canada, we can effectively support your needs for distribution, delivery and service regionally or nationwide.

Contact us to explore how you can save you time and money while putting your dollars to work in your community. Experience supply forward with AOPD.