House of Doolittle

Address: 3001 Malmo Drive, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Phone: (800) 621-9546


Since 1919, House of Doolittle has manufactured quality dated products that help customers be more productive during their daily planning activities. Our products are crafted with pride in the USA and our commitment to quality ensures the product still looks good at the end of the year. We offer a broad range of Appointment Books, Desk Pads, Wall Calendars, Laminated Planners, and Teachers Books in a variety of pleasing designs and convenient sizes that fit your customer’s personal style. House of Doolittle is also committed to creating a more sustainable environment. In 1988, we made the decision to produce our products using recycled materials, offering environmentally-conscious products to customers at a competitive value. Today, our product is made using 100{6c9f5eb497a9c0f67e0354043b18ccb70785c1d7fe794a573dd20c8b63477762} post-consumer recycled paper, soy inks, 90{6c9f5eb497a9c0f67e0354043b18ccb70785c1d7fe794a573dd20c8b63477762} recycled wire binding, and covers of at least 50{6c9f5eb497a9c0f67e0354043b18ccb70785c1d7fe794a573dd20c8b63477762} recycled material.