Yes, We’re Open

Reminding your customers, you’re ready to serve them.

If your business is reopening after COVID-19, or if you’re an essential business that’s been open the whole time – you may want to make sure you are effectively communicating to your current and potential customers that you’re open for business and ready to help them.

First, Create the Message

This should be a succinct, upbeat note that includes your current operating hours, any cleaning or procedural updates and if you have any customer requirements (like wearing a face mask or maintaining extra distance)Don’t forget to include any other special details like curbside pickup or delivery options. And, as things change, make sure you update this message regularly.

Share the Message

Next, you need to get this message out to all your customer touch points. Update your website (including the homepage and contact page), social media channels (e.g. create an announcement to pin to the top and update messaging in your about us section), if you have an email distribution list, create a special update to keep in touch with your customer base and let them know about updates to your inventory, special promotions and discounts. Lastly, if you use ongoing marketing like Google Ads, consider updating some of the content with your new ‘open-for-business’ messaging.

Reinforce the Message

If you have a physical location, it’s important to clearly show people you are open for business – open the door and include a sign on your door that says ‘Yes, We’re Open’. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure all the safety measures you’ve mentioned on your website, social channels, etc. are being taken and are clearly observable by customers. This will help your clientele feel safe and provide additional trust in your company.

Finally, make sure all your employees and staff are aware of the changes and feel comfortable speaking to them and answering customer questions.

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