Supporting Local Business

Working with AOPD contributes to a stronger local economy.

Since 1978, American Office Products Distributors (AOPD) has been comprised of locally owned, independent office and facility supply distributors.

Our network of suppliers is not only locally owned, but they also support local businesses within their own communities.

When you support a local business, like an AOPD supplier, over a big box store, you keep more of that money within the community. According to Forbesfor every $100 spent at a small business, $68 stays in the local economy – which is more than twice the amount chains reinvest.

Another great reason to shop locally, is that local businesses support and serve your friends, family and neighbors through community, sports and school sponsorships, volunteering, donations and much more.

Lastly, it may be more important to shop locally now more than ever. With small businesses making up over 99% of companies in the US, there are a lot of business owners who are struggling in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Many AOPD dealers stayed open as essential businesses through the pandemic and quickly stocked personal protection equipment, like face masks and gloves to help keep people safe in their communities. Many also began offering home delivery to serve customers working from home.

These are just a fraction of the reasons you should support local businesses. And even though the pandemic has spotlighted this issue – it’s important all the time. Next time you need to buy something, skip the big box chain and opt for a local business.

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