Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Quick steps tenhance your professional online presence.

LinkedIn has over 700 million registered members in 150 countries and is a great platform for professional networking. You probably already have a LinkedIn profile and perhaps you keep up with notifications through the app on your phone – but it’s easy to let this living billboard fall down on your list of priorities. Here are some tips to re-energize your LinkedIn presence.

Update Your Image(s)

The fastest way to freshen up your profile is with a fresh headshot and background photo. Your profile picture doesn’t have to be a professionally shot photograph. It does, however, need to take up about 60% of the image and you should wear something you’d dress in for an important meeting. Background photos are a newer element to personal (and business) profile pages. You can give your page some personality and context with this banner. If you need help resizing a photo, try this helpful image resizing website. 

Share Your Story 

There are a few new places on LinkedIn, like headlines and summaries, where you can share your informationThese sections don’t have hard and fast rulesso get creative and share more than your job title and tell people why you love to do what you do. Try to capture your story in your own voice and avoid clichés and boring buzzwords. Synergy! 

Imitation Is Flattery

Not everyone is a super creative storyteller – and that’s okay! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Before you dive into updating your information, spend a little time looking at other people’s profiles. You may find inspiration from your colleagues, people you admire in your industry, or entrepreneurs who utilize the platform as their main form of marketing. Don’t just copy and paste – be sure to put your own spin on content before hitting save.

Schedule Time

Lastly, you don’t have to build up your LinkedIn in a day. If possible, schedule 10 minutes here and there to update your content, interact with and grow your network, write endorsements for and request them from your colleagues, share your thoughts on an article you find interesting, and more. There are so many free professional resources and benefits to actively using LinkedIn. All you have to do ilogon and start using them.

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