Creating Thought Leadership Content

Help customers connect with you through your experience.

A good thought leadership piece should show your business as an authority within your industry. It should describe how you want your company to be seen by your customers. However, creating thought leadership content shouldn’t feel daunting. If it does, perhaps you’re overthinking it. Here’s some motivation to get you writing.


Chances are, as business leader, you have a lot of experience. Is there something in your recent (or distant) past that you did to solve a problem? I bet you learned something about your industry, company, or even yourself that other people would like to read about.


As someone with deep expertise in your industry, your point of view is valuable to your audience. Your unique take on trends happening in the marketplace is important and useful.


Not dissimilar to an insight piece, opinion content relies on your perspective of the business world. The difference is this is usually a strong opinion you hold that may break from what everyone else is saying. Do you have a compelling point of view about how business should be done? Or, just as important, how it shouldn’t?

Last thing, try to stick to just one topic at a time, keep it as short as possible (so people actually read it) and write it in your own voice (keeping your business in mind, of course).

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