Reduce Anxiety While Working

3 ways to chill out when pressure is high. 

Anxiety is part of life. It’s your body’s natural reaction to stressAnd under the recent pandemic and economic conditions, anxiety is a big topic right now. Here are three ways to combat stress and anxiety while you’re working.

1. Step it up

Not figuratively, but literally! Many workdays are spent sitting in front of a screen or checking the tiny screen we keep in our pockets 24/7. A good way to unwind is to stand up and move around. This physical outlet can include walking around the office, the block, or even gentle stretching.

2. Drink it in

Staying hydrated is key to feeling your best. Drinking water helps your body maintain balance, energizes muscles, helps your skin look its best, keeps your kidneys working correctly, and more. When you’re starting to feel the stress of the day come on, take a break and grab a fresh cup of the good stuff. If you’re needing something warm, try relaxing with a decaf coffee or tea. Either way, enjoy the moment away from your desk and take a deep breath.

3. Breathe in deep 

Speaking of breath, how’s yours? We do it without thinking about it – but it’s usually short and shallow. Taking some deep breaths is a great way to reset and remove stress. Some benefits of deep breathing: slowing your heart ratelowering blood pressure, allowing more oxygen to enter your bloodstream, and upping your endorphins.

We should all listen to our bodies when they talk to us. Anxiety, while not fun, is one way our body tells us we’re stressed out. Give this signal the respect it deserves and give yourself the self-care it needs when you need it.

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