Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Hint: happiness and productivity are linked.

It makes sense that when you are in a better mood, you get more work done. And conversely, when you have a “bad day” it feels like almost nothing gets checked off your ‘To-Do List.’ Now researchers have field evidence that happiness and productivity are connected. A 2019 Oxford University study found that happy workers are 13% more productive.

Here are a few tips to help influence your employees’ happiness.

Communicate Goals

Many people have personal goals that they rarely share with their manager. And sometimes the company’s broader goals aren’t always top of mind for the team. Checking in with your employees on what they would like to achieve, as well as sharing the business’ Big Picture can help both align for success. And who doesn’t smile at the thought of being more successful?

Feedback Loop

In addition to sharing goals, you may want to regularly request, actively listen to, and give feedback to your team. Invite your managers to set a regular schedule to promote a constant feedback loop within your organization. This will enable you to mitigate any issues that arise and help employees be more engaged. Consequently, employees should feel empowered to deliver great work.

Giving Purpose

Finally, help employees find purpose in their work. Back in 2013, UCLA researchers found that people with a sense of purpose were happier and healthier. The more you can help your team connect with the company’s purpose in their daily work, the happier they’ll be overall.

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