How to Get the Most from Your Office’s Introverts

Many people either identify as an introvert or an extrovert. While extroverts thrive in group settings – even gleaning energy from the crowd, introverts often feel their energy is sapped when they are with a lot of people over an extended period. So how can you get the most from your introverted employees?

Create Physical Space

Open offices are trendy right now, but the kinetic buzz isn’t always conducive to creativity and productivity for all people. Consider creating a ‘quiet space’ for employees to utilize when they need to focus.

Ask for Feedback

An introvert may not always speak up in a group setting without being prompted. Extroverts often dominate the conversation and are happy to interject with thoughts and ideas. So by giving each person a turn to participate, you are more likely to hear concepts from your introverted employees.

Give Your Support

While introverts are often characterized as shy and full of anxiety, they may offer some enviable traits like being a good listener and observer, thinking before they speak and being self-sufficient, among other positive qualities. Let these employees know that you see their distinctive talents and aren’t put off by their introverted personality.

These three tips for working with introverts should help you help them achieve even more at work.

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