Deep Cleaning The Office

Stock these essentials to help get the office squeaky clean.

With the focus on health and hygiene, now is a great time to give the office a deep clean. Before you do a deep dive, check this list of essentials to make sure you’re fully prepared.

Review and Let Go

Start with a full walk-around to identify any areas that may sometimes be overlooked. Then pinpoint items that can be tossed out. The ‘out with the old, in with the new’ mentality will most likely require extra waste bins and trash bags.

All-Purpose Cleaners

A great way to minimize the number of products you need is to utilize an all-purpose cleaner. Often you can tackle floors, windows, walls and more with an all-in-one product.

Disinfectants Everywhere

From wipes to sprays, disinfectant products can combat cold and flu germs to help keep employees healthy and productive. Keep these constantly available in high-traffic areas so people are encouraged to disinfect regularly.

Don’t Forget Filters

After running the heater all winter, check your HVAC filters because a dirty filter reduces performance. Don’t forget about other filters around the office like air purifiers and water filters.
Restock these essential supplies to combat dust bunnies, germs and more.

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