Office Ordering – How to do it Efficiently

A lot of people are working from home to do their part and social distance, but eventually they will be back in the office. Here are some office supplies ordering tips for when we get back to business as usual.

Plan In Advance

We can’t predict the future, but we can plan ahead. Mark down important dates like cold and flu season so you can anticipate the need for extra disinfectant spray and wipes (when they’re back in stock). Big meeting on the schedule? Make sure the conference room notepads and dry erase markers are stocked and ready.

Dedicated Supply Partner

Take the stress out of ordering with a dedicated supplier, account and representative. Meet your local rep in person (if possible) so you can establish a rapport and make the most out of your relationship.

Secret Supply Closet

There’s the supply closet that everyone knows about – and then there’s the secret supply closet. The secret stash helps you avoid running out of supplies too fast. Fill the public closet with exactly what’s needed and use the backup closet as a safety net to keep things running smoothly.

These three fundamentals of supply ordering must constantly be maintained. Master them and you will be the office supply hero.

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