Making Great Customer Experiences

How do you improve your consumer’s journey?

Customer experience (aka CX) takes into consideration the whole journey, including every interaction a person has with your company. This means that every touchpoint is part of the customer experience. Examples of CX are: your website, social media, any time they reach out to or speak to an employee, receive an email, read or add ratings and reviews, and much more.

Take the Journey

Even if you think you know your customer’s journey, a little extra research doesn’t hurt. Ask a friend or family member who isn’t as familiar with your business to take a look under the hood. Have them come by the store during peak hours, visit your online shop, social media, call the customer line, etc. If you have different departments, have employees from different parts of the business review a customer touchpoint that they aren’t as familiar with. Then ask how their experience was and try to get their honest feedback. A different perspective can help you see things in a brand-new light.

Understand your Audience

Does your customer prefer a phone call versus a text message? Would they prefer to get emails or a catalog in their mailbox? Would they rather buy online or enjoy curbside pickup? Understanding who your customer is and how they like to interact with your business is key to good CX. Customers evolve over time (hello pandemic), so be sure to check in and evolve your business alongside them.

Respond in Real-Time

What’s the point of having a social media page if you rarely update it? Even worse, your social media page could be doing you a disservice if you aren’t responding to questions or direct messages in a timely manner. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t answer the phone and put a customer on hold for more than a few minutes – therefore, you shouldn’t leave customers hanging on social media either (or anywhere else for that matter). If you don’t have the resources to handle customer needs on these platforms, perhaps you should rethink your strategy for now.

Knowing your customer’s journey and touchpoints is only part of the picture. You should be conscious of all your touchpoints, the experience that each delivers, and review each regularly.

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