How To Track Office Supply Expenses

Here are 3 ways to get your office’s supply budget under control.

  1. Get The Full View
    Start by getting a clear view of your overall spending. If you can pinpoint big expenses, you may be able to take quick steps to create savings immediately. For example, setting up an approval system for more expensive supplies like toner and technology.
  2.  Merge Suppliers
    By consolidating your buying under one company, like the AOPD network, you can get a customized contract and ordering and management system that automates your budget management and cost control across your business. The centralized management system will simplify expense-tracking.
  3. Set Up Reviews

Again, a sophisticated supplier like AOPD can provide annual business reviews that calculate annual return rates and analyze buying habits.

Once you better understand the data, together with your supplier, you can design more appropriate order cadences, therefore ordering less frequently and in the correct quantities.

Tracking your supplies expenses doesn’t have to be time-consuming. With the right partner, you can use the data they provide you to make better decisions, simplify and streamline the process which saves you time, and of course, saves money.

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