How to Hold an Effective Virtual Training Session

Helping your attendees get the most out of their online training.

Moving training from in-person to online doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In this blog, we tackle virtual training with several tips to ensure its effectiveness and even point out some benefits unique to remote learning.

Set Up For Success

Give yourself the best possibility for success by making sure you have all your virtual ducks in a row. Start out by thoroughly testing your technology before you kick off training. Make sure you can sign in, your participants can sign up and everyone can easily log onto whatever platform you select. Ask a friend or colleague to do a test run so you can check your video (don’t forget about lighting and background), make sure your microphone picks you up clearly and you don’t have a lot of background noise and practice using any of the tools you’ll need, like screensharing, sharing a deck, video, etc.

Oh The Humanity

Just like in-person training, maintaining a personal touch is just as, if not more important for a virtual class. You probably picked this up in tip 1: It’s key to turn your cameras on! Not just for yourself but also for the participants. Connecting is much easier when you can see everyone’s faces and helps break the ice. Just make sure you communicate ahead of time that everyone will be expected to turn their cameras on. In fact, all types of active participation is important for effective virtual training. Engaging in the chat, utilizing polls and asking for responses from specific members are all great ways to increase participation.

Virtual Benefits

Some say virtual meetings are just as engaging or more engaging than a traditional meeting. And the flexibility of virtual meetings is one of the best benefits. Besides being more accessible and often less costly than in-person training, participants can access notes and resources from anywhere.

One Last Thing

Finally, the last tip is to make sure to set expectations early and often. Give everyone a good overview of the platform at the beginning. And review the agenda throughout. Make sure you bake in plenty of breaks and don’t forget to add in your personal touches to the session.

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