Culture and your Office Design

Your company culture is communicated through your workplace’s design, appearance, and functionality. Offices should be designed to complement the goals and values of the people who work there. The environment you work in sends a strong message that gives people an idea of what kind of company you work for. Keep the office design team focused by making sure they know and understand the following things.

Mission: Why does your company exist? The purpose should be clearly defined in your company’s mission statement. Every aspect of the office should be designed to be able to achieve this goal.

Values. What are the key values the company lives by? If there’s a heavy focus on cooperation, the office should have more open space to help employees work together. If you focus on innovation, you might see ample brainstorming space, so employees are inspired to think creatively.

Employees. Make sure you know what the people in the company need to succeed. How can the office design be informed by them? A company doesn’t exist without people. Therefore, a company’s office design should also be defined by its people.

Story. Your office should be a physical representation of your unique company history. Use your space to craft a narrative about your culture. This will make your workplace genuine and memorable.

Just remember, there’s is no one-size-fits-all approach to office design because all company cultures are different. But spending time understanding the office culture that exists within your organization can help you create a workplace that’s designed for success.

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