5 office supplies you should have

Office Supplies You Should Get Right Now

Marie Kondo changed the clean-up game with her KonMari method (see her Netflix special “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”). But once you’ve gone through your closet, thanked your old clothes for their service and then toss them out, what do you do with your office space? We may not be as cool as Kondo, but we’ve got five products that will keep you organized at work.

Pin it up

Push pins aren’t just for tacking important reminders on the breakroom bulletin board. Use them to pin up postcards or photos from your latest travels at your desk. Or create a “mood board” to help keep your team on track with your latest projects. You can even glue some googly eyes or glitter on the ends to give them more character. Whatever you do, don’t put a pin in this idea!

Wrangle the Cables

If your desk looks like most, it probably has several wires hanging from it. From your computer to your desk phone, and let’s not forget your cell phone’s charger. Cable clips and clamps are an essential solution to hiding these cords. They usually come in a few different colors so you can choose the best option that matches your workstation.

Put a Label on it

Not just for your hanging files, label makers can help in a variety of other creative ways. Use labels to mark the shelves in the kitchen or fridge so coworkers know where to place sodas, cups, snacks, etc… Or once you’ve wrangled your cables, you can label them (near the plug) so you always know which one to unplug. Hosting a work happy hour? Use your label maker to create toothpick flags to organize the snacks.

Save the Date

Most people keep a digital calendar these days, but even if you use one as your primary planner, it’s a good idea to also keep a physical calendar at your desk. Desk or wall calendars allow you to see everything right away and especially help with longer-term planning. Plus, it feels so good to mark items off after they’re complete.

Let it Shine

Regular office lighting often isn’t enough. In fact, a study from the American Society of Interior Designers showed that 68% of employees were dissatisfied with the lighting in their offices. Not only can you personalize your desk with the color and shape of your lamp, but there are some dual-purpose design solutions out there as well. An organizer desk lamp that you can store small desk supplies might just be the ticket.

Besides, what good is having an organized workspace if you can’t even see it?

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